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Skills for Future Adults

Q: What do these professions all have in common?

  • Health care
  • Office management
  • Court system
  • Teaching
  • Welding
  • Food service

A: Our Pathways to Success teens got to learn about each one!

Pathways Participants listen to a presentation at Country Roads Physical Therapy

We’re blessed to have community partners to help the kids learn about lots of different professions. When they grow up, they will be able to choose the path that’s right for them because of the knowledge they gained this summer. During one week in particular, we spent time with these organizations:

  • Belmont County Courthouse
  • American Job Center
  • Country Roads Physical Therapy

One of the best gifts we can give to the next generation is the tools to figure out how to navigate all their career opportunities.

All work and no play? No way!

Even though this group is took the program seriously, we also created space to have a little fun. For example, we loved taking the kids out to lunch! First, we spent a morning learning Etiquette 101, table manners, and dining skills. Then, we helped them put all that hard work to good use.

No matter which profession the teens ultimately pursue, they’ll definitely use this lesson on a daily basis!

Job search skills for all professions

Writing strong resumes and giving compelling interview answers are important skills for every job search. So it’s no surprise that our amazing team covered this material early on in the Pathways to Success program. The teens learned what to include on a resume, how to dress for their interview, and everything in between.

What’s up next?

There are so many exciting opportunities ahead for the kids in our community! Each teen has a few years left to make a decision – and a plan. For now, we’ll leave you with the words of some of our participants…

I got to learn more about me during the pathways program.

Tyler P.

I think I know how to go after my dreams a little better now because of Pathways.

Tastara L.

I’ve found a new family here.

Emma A.

Let’s keep these amazing young people in our prayers!

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