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House of the Carpenter

Volunteer Your Heart & Hands

The House of the Carpenter is dedicated to making an investment in our community. We’d love to have you join us in our Missions of Mercy, Transformation, and Spiritual Formation!

Our ministries encompass neighbors in Wheeling and throughout the Upper Ohio Valley. And we don’t reach out to strangers. Instead, we’re in the business of helping our families and friends as they overcome various challenges.

Volunteering allows you to serve God’s children. You can be part of a team that ensures all are welcomed into a safe and grace-filled community.

Below are a few suggestions to volunteer or otherwise get involved in this work. If you have other gifts you would like to share with us, please call or contact today.

mission of mercy
mission of transformation
spiritual formation


A simple and effective way to get involved is to pray! We have a prayer wall in our building with special prayer requests. And of course our staff and neighbors have general needs that could use your intercession.

We encourage you to volunteer by:

  • praying on your own,
  • with your faith community,
  • or in the community at large.

Volunteer Around the House

Join us in bringing about change in our community!

You have gifts, skills, and passions. And we’ve got a way for you to be involved!

We often need help serving our neighbors through these particular ministries:

  • Thrift Store
  • Underwear Room
  • Food Pantry
  • Back Pack Program
  • Work Teams
  • After School Tutoring Program
  • Leadership Academy Mentor
  • Pre-Work Program
  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • Day Camp
  • Literacy Camp
  • Strings Ministry, and much more…

Some of our seasonal opportunities to make an impact include:

  • Souper Bowl of Caring
  • School Supply Drive
  • Christmas Kids
  • Summer Camp

Or you can volunteer behind the scenes at any time:

  • Maintenance
  • Office Assistance
  • Mailings

Someone is Thriving Because of You

We are grateful for all of your support! When you volunteer or make a financial contribution you are making a difference in your community!