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In our Basketball Camp, coaches teach fundamental skills, drills, and strategic maneuvers to help kids develop and appreciate the benefits of conditioning, as well as general physical fitness. Learning how to effectively cooperate and communicate in a positive way individually with their peers, with their adult leaders and coaches, and as a team, is an important life lesson for children.  Motivational speakers are also brought in to camp sessions to relay their experiences and urge these young players to pursue their goals and be persistent when facing life’s challenges.

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you.” Michael Jordan


Archery is on the HOC’s most popular Youth programs.  Each week, boys and girls work to perfect their stance, grip, aim, and release. Their respect and awareness for the archery equipment, in addition to complying with rules and procedures for safe bow and arrow operation is admirable.

“An arrow can only be shot to its target by pulling it backward so when life is dragging you backwards, it can be an opportunity to launch yourself toward greatness.” -Unknown


Learning the sport of golf provides ample opportunity for kids to focus on following instructions, practicing, evaluating their own actions, and making modifications to improve. Listening, accepting feedback, and following instruction are skills necessary to learn this sport, and to succeed in life. Provided with clubs, tee mats, balls, and a driving nets, volunteer instructors teach various grips, stances and swinging techniques to help kids hit their best golf shots.

“The greatest thing about tomorrow is I will be better than I am today.” Tiger Woods

For more information, contact Jackie at jgillispie@houseofthecarpenter.com.