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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are the crux of today’s industrial and technological development. Providing STEM experiences to local elementary school students helps to trigger their interest in these topics from an early age and pushes them recognize their own potential. Trying new things can be challenging, but bringing these opportunities to life for young students helps to develop their bravery and curiosity.  Learning, cooperating, and enjoying the exploration process is openly encouraged as children enjoy robotics, coding, circuitry, and math.


Literacy Camp

While elementary students spend most of their early grades learning to read and write, middle school students utilize those basic skills to learn other subjects. This is a big change for them and we hope to help them utilize literacy skills in practical ways. Reading for understanding, encouraging communication, and relating literature to their own lives and the society around them are all concepts which are encouraged and promoted during the HOC’s Literacy Camp.


Fresh Look for School

Each August, the House of the Carpenter hosts a non-traditional back to school event open to all students of Madison Elementary, as well as any middle or high school student who lives on Wheeling Island.  Each student has the opportunity to get a fresh haircut, a manicure with nail painting, personal hygiene supplies, socks and underwear, as well as the traditional school supplies.  Dinner is provided to all families who attend this event.

Brain Train

In our after-school program, students in grades six through nine are provided with transportation from their middle schools to the House of the Carpenter. Volunteers come to help them complete homework and finish school assignments. When they arrive on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they get a snack and the chance to talk with dedicated HOC staff and volunteers in a small group setting.  We strive to encourage positive behavior and social interaction with one another program leaders. Like anyone else growing up, our Brain Train students often fail to recognize their own potential. Our hope is that the relationships fostered during this program may help to encourage them to strive for success.

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”


EDGE Fearless Learning

EDGE is a thorough multi-sensory approach to reading intervention and a teaching / learning method that is prescriptive based on students’ individualized needs. Its intent is to help students recognize and differentiate visual intake and auditory output involving letters and their combinations. This program is implemented during our After-School Brain Train program.


Pathways to Success

The House of the Carpenter created this program to assist middle school and early high school students with exploring potential vocations and occupations. Students involved in Pathways learn and develop crucial basic life skills in preparation for adulthood. The hands-on work experience provided during this program can be a powerful catalyst to initiate a student’s journey on a pathway to a successful future. The students who participate in Pathways are typical 7-9th grade students who may not otherwise have an opportunity to experience such career opportunities.  Students interested in participating in Pathways apply for the program just as if they were applying for a job, then spend one month being “employed” as they visit various businesses, post-secondary schools, and job sites while attending presentations from a variety of professionals in the local community.

Every journey begins with just one step.

For more information, contact Jackie at jgillispie@houseofthecarpenter.com.