Communities of Transformation

Communities of Transformation (COT) is a mindset that recognizes that for someone to make the transition from poverty to self-sustainability is not an individual process.  It is a journey that requires people, a community, to help with education, awareness of class rules, support, encouragement and accountability.  COT works to partner individuals with a community to empower their growth and transition through a wide variety of means.

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The first step in developing a COT is to help people who are not in poverty to experience the struggles, barriers and complicated process that impact people in poverty and particularly those who are attempting to improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, many of us approach poverty with a group of stereotypes that influence our working with people. We help breakdown the stereotypes through an event called the Cost of Poverty Experience or COPE. Mike Linger and Michelle Bennington Lucarelli are trained COPE facilitators. Combined, their goal is to host several COPE events to help people explore the reality of poverty and confront the stereotypes through a poverty simulation. These COPE events will be announced as soon as we begin to move out of our current pandemic.


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